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A ladybug on top of a loopy leaf was one of my…

A ladybug on top of a loopy leaf was one of my favourite pictures from 2015. Since then I have checked the snake head plants (Fritillaria meleagris) for more swirly leaves as I felt there was more to be done with the scene. I was lucky to find one in spring 2017 and give it another go. 

While I feel there is still a lot to play with in this scene, I really like the result. Macro photography can be a bit dull (and that is coming from me) with just a subject (preferably placed just out of the centre) and a nice blurry background (with some bokeh). This scene kicked me from auto-pilot into manual thinking mode. What is the light doing? Where are the lines going? Can you see the ladybug properly? Is the loopy leaf clearly visible? This moment blew the dust that settled during the winter from my brain and made me exercise macro photography to its full extent. There is no better way to start the season than a difficult challenge.  

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