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In the blink of an eye, fall gives way to winter weather at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Before the leaves even have a chance to drop, snow swoops in to dust this gorgeous landscape in a dramatic white blanket. Don’t worry, though. The end of fall doesn’t mean the end of fun. Visitors can enjoy snowshoeing, skiing and sledding in the park. Just plan ahead and be sure to layer up with insulating, waterproof clothing, wear sunglasses, use sunscreen and carry water. Photo of Hallett Peak and Flattop Mountain by Jacob W. Frank, National Park Service.

Dawn breaks and you can almost smell the fresh mountain air by Sprague Lake at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. One of the shortest and most enjoyable day-hikes the park offers, a stroll around Sprague Lake is sure to reinvigorate and lift the spirit. Photo by Nathaniel Gonzales (

The night time hoots of owls can make the forest a little spooky, but the look of this young great horned owl is just terrifying. Though it’s covered in fluffy feathers, its dominant features are its huge yellow eyes and powerful talons. Soon, this owl at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado will learn how to fly and become one of nature’s most skilled hunters; feared by prey across the country. Photo by Carole Meeter (

We don’t know what event this is or who is winning, but we love watching. Two bull elk battling at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. To the bold goes the gold. Photo courtesy of Zach Rockvam.

Sunrise after a fresh snowfall gives an aura of peace to this small meadow at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. With a golden sun and pink light filtered through the morning fog, it’s easy to picture something magical happening in this majestic place. Are you in the mood to frolic? Photo by Shawn Stackhouse (

A lavender sunrise reveals the marbled and cracked surface of Dream Lake at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. If not for the chill, this would be the most beautiful floor in the world. Photo courtesy of Eric Schuette.