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It can be difficult to get some people excited about Everglades National Park in Florida; there aren’t any mountains, it’s humid, the mosquitoes can be terrible. Some people are afraid of alligators. But beyond its ecological importance, this park has an understated beauty and a fascinating history. Exploring this seemingly endless sea of grass by land or water is a chance to see an incredible variety of birds and learn how much difference a few inches of elevation can make. For a living classroom, the sunsets are pretty good, too. Photo by Caitlin Rivas, National Park Service.

Channel Islands National Park in California en…

Channel Islands National Park in California encompasses five remarkable islands and the surrounding ocean, preserving and protecting a wealth of natural and cultural resources. Isolation over thousands of years has created unique animals, plants and archeological resources found nowhere else on Earth. Besides being an amazing outdoor classroom, it’s also a great place to watch the sunset. Photo by Angela Scolaro (