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It’s time to bundle up and take that walk in the woods. Crunchy leaves underfoot, a golden canopy overhead – paths like this one at Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge in Minnesota can be found throughout much of the country right now. Surrounded by loved ones or escaping for a few solitary moments, America’s public lands provide incredible places to walk off the holiday stress and delicious meals. Photo of a gorgeous fall scene at Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge by LuGene Peterson. 

We’re wishing you a warm World Hello Day ☀️ from the clear waters of Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge! Photographer Heather Bautista sailed over to Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge in the Virgin Islands to find crystal clear water teeming with graceful sea turtles. “I was in heaven. I was keeping a respectful distance watching them feed on the grass below when this particular turtle surprised me by coming up for air right next to me. A moment I will never forget!” Clear water and clear communication definitely make the world a better and more peaceful place, make time to surface to say hello! Photo by Heather Bautista (