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Morning sunbeams shine down on Washerwoman Arch and Monster Tower at Canyonlands National Park in Utah. Two of many wonderful rock formations near the Island in the Sky Mesa, these stone towers are favorites of climbers wanting to test their skills. For visitors who want to keep their feet on the ground, Canyonlands offers hundreds of miles of hiking trails and remote roads for motorbikes and mountain bikes. Make sure to carry plenty of water and stop frequently to enjoy the amazing views. Photo by Dustin Baugh (

On this date in 1964, Canyonlands National Park was established. Canyonlands National Park preserves colorful canyons, mesas, buttes, fins, arches and spires in the heart of southeast Utah’s high desert. Water and gravity have been the prime architects of this land – sculpting layers of rock into the rugged landscape park visitors know and love today. Photo of the park’s iconic Mesa Arch at sunrise by Terry Barnes (

Massive Navajo sandstone domes and fins, steep cliffs, and natural arches erupt out of the desert landscape within Utah’s Behind the Rocks Wilderness Study Area. The area’s extreme topography makes cross-country foot travel very challenging, yet possible. The highly scenic rock fins traversing the wilderness study area are popular subjects for photographers. Behind the Rocks offers amazing views of the La Sal mountains and is nearby to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. For those who prefer to catch their scenery at a little faster pace, there are plenty of nearby mountain biking trails and off-highway vehicle routes. Photo by Bob Wick, Bureau of Land Management, @mypubliclands.

Canyonlands National Park sits under the desert sun nearly every day, but in the early morning hours when the air is cool and the sun is rising, a majestic glow of indigo filled this Utah valley with mist. The iconic Airport Tower can be seen in the distance, standing just behind the Washer Woman Arch. Photo courtesy of Sam Koerbel.