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Once you’re done with Thanksgiving leftovers, try getting out and exploring. We recommend a morning hike at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. Earlier in November, photographer Claire Codling captured this gorgeous moment. “The sun rose slowly over Thor’s Hammer, turning the hoodoos a glowing orange and red. The early morning mist and golden sky gave a real magical feel to the morning.” Photo courtesy of Claire Codling.

You can visit Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah a hundred times and still find something new and interesting. This mysterious landscape of hoodoos and twisting trails glows orange in the light while the shadows stretch out like reaching fingers. Looking at these delicate carvings, it’s difficult to believe that all this was done by wind, water and time, and one day, the same forces that created it will wipe it all away. Photo by Rodney Preisch (

The striking contrast of white snow and red rocks make Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah even more beautiful. But make sure to plan ahead if you’re going to explore the snowy splendor here. Not all trails and roads are cleared, so waterproof hiking boots, snow boots or snowshoes are essential if you plan to hike. We also recommend hot cocoa. Photo by Joseph Luciw (

Shifting light and dramatic skies make every view at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah unique. Along the rim of this natural amphitheater, visitors can look out over the forest of hoodoos from Sunrise Point to Sunset Point. Inspiration Point – seen here – offers an incredible panorama of this incredible landscape. Put it on your bucket list! Photo by Michael Barbuti (

Hoodoos are weathered rock formations carved by the forces of nature into fascinating shapes. Bryce Canyon National Park preserves the world’s largest display of hoodoos in a remarkable natural amphitheater. As sunlight and shadows move across the stunning landscape, the park takes on different moods, offering photographers chances for spectacular shots. This towering hoodoo is called Thor’s Hammer. Photo by James Fishman (

The natural amphitheater of Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah provides the perfect venue for enjoying fascinating landscapes and stunning skies. In winter, snow decorates the bright cliffs and hoodoos. Make sure to take a walk along the Rim Trail for all the best views. Photo by Jim Su (

Is there a better feeling than sunrise on your face after a long, cold night? Photo of Thor’s Hammer at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah by Jeremy Johnson ().