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It’s time to bundle up and take that walk in the woods. Crunchy leaves underfoot, a golden canopy overhead – paths like this one at Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge in Minnesota can be found throughout much of the country right now. Surrounded by loved ones or escaping for a few solitary moments, America’s public lands provide incredible places to walk off the holiday stress and delicious meals. Photo of a gorgeous fall scene at Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge by LuGene Peterson. 

Walk alongside wild roses in bloom and watch summer unfold at Willapa National Wildlife Refuge in Washington. Explore the freshwater marshes, grasslands, coastal dunes, old growth forests and beaches – and get to know one of the most pristine estuaries in the United States, Willapa Bay. Wet fields and soggy forests provide incredible wildlife viewing opportunities.   Visitors may spot residents such as Roosevelt elk, long-tailed weasels, black bears, shorebirds, and spawning salmon. Walk the Art Trail boardwalk with friends and take in the sounds and sights of summer. Photo by Andy Zahn (